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Our goal is to enable businesses of all sizes with useful tips and tricks for saving time.  We are actively seeking partners who have utilities or other products that meet your needs.  Come back often to learn more about saving time and money.  Increase you EBITDA with

Featured Products

Time Sheet
This product is an indispensable tool for those of us that bill services by the hour.  If you have ever tried to keep records of the time you spend, you will appreciate the ease and simplicity this great tool affords.  No more fumbling with your calculator trying to covert minutes to fractional hours!  Just enter your time and labor rate, the tool does the rest.  Keep track of all your time for the customer, include the date, service, labor rate and any other useful details.  Order your copy of the Business Shortcuts Time Sheet today!

Business Shortcuts Editable Calendar

The Business Shortcuts Editable Calendar is a innovative tool anyone can use in the home or office.  The editable calendar was inspired by my sister.  You would not believe how much information she keeps track of (well maybe you would :-)

Use the editable calendar to keep track of all your appointments, birthdays, sports schedules and events.  Easily enter the information by date and print the page or pages.  Hang it on your wall or fridge to remind you of your schedule.  Order your copy of the Business Shortcuts Editable Calendar today!
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