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This is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area.   Our goal is to provide you with answers to all your questions about Business Shortcuts here.   Feel free to send your question with our support form.    We will do our best to answer your question and post the answer here for the benefit of all our visitors.

The Time Sheet FAQ


What types of spread sheet programs will The Time Sheet work with


MS Office & Excel - all versions (xls & xlw formats), 
MS Works (wks format), 
Lotus 123 - all formats (wk1-wk4), 
Open Office (xls format), 
Star Office (xls format)



The year is almost over.  Why should I buy something I can only use for a few months...


From October to December you will receive the calendar for the current year and the following year.  For example, you will receive the 2011 and 2012 calendars if you order after September 29.  There is no additional charge when your order now.
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