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Time sheet - automatic hourly billing timesheet

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Editable Home & Office Calendar

I was setting up a complex schedule and needed a way to print it out in a calendar format.   I found quite few programs, but none that were simple to use or that could handle the type of list I needed.  Several hours later I had designed a calendar that could handle up to 5 lines of notes.   I just type in the notes and The Calendar automatically populates the pages for printing.   If you need a simple to use editable calendar, read on...

The Time Sheet

I have always wanted a simple utility to keep track of billable time.   I am sure you have waded through your notes trying to calculate billable time from starting and ending times.   What a chore, adding up minutes, converting to hours and multiplying by the hourly rate.   A chore made even more difficult for a large number of tasks.   Now you can simplify your billing...
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